johnnybubblegum said:
hey natalia! i just recently came across your pictures, and they are my shiittt. keep doing ya thang lol

Why thank you, bubblegum.





goldshaped said:
Hola, i've been off tumblr but the first thing i see is your blog, i really liked and still do, keep getting better, and as i scrolled down a question came to my mind, for you, have you ever shot a big sized girl or would do? it has nothing to do against anyone, its just a doubt, love your work. and sorry for the bad english <3

I would absolutely love to!!!! I admire so many different types of females and have always loved curvy women. Jessica Rabbit was my first female crush. Christine Hendricks is a dreamboat.

Anonymous said:
I recommended u for a potential shoot with another BA tumblr girl. Hope thats ok

This is extremely vague :-/

apacotopia said:
I've followed your blog for a long while now & part of me wants to express to you just how much your work has progressed throughout the years from candid-feeling "in the life" shots, to conceptualized work with underlying meaning & the other part of me simply wants to let you know "i love your work & being able to see you unfold as an artist has been a true delight & i want to open mouth kiss you to give back a little bit of magic you've shared with me throughout the years." keep killin' em, ma

That is so sweet. I just read this out loud to my friend and almost cried. I luff you.

jhaynesworthphotos said:
Your work reminds me of Annie Leibovitzs' work; really great stuff.

That is so so so so so so so so so so fucken nice. Thank you. She rules.

nina7klein said:
Hi Natalia my name is Nina. I found you through VSCOcam and it eventually led me here. I just want to say that I absolutely love your work. I follow a lot of photographers who do great work but you have a very special eye and aesthetic. Glad to have found you. xx

Thanks so much! Your paintings are pretty. :)

stevesweatpants said:
I fux with film heavy. I find myself buying portra 400 and ilford all the time. What are your faves? Been loving your feed forevz

400 Porta for da Hasselblad.

Thnxx dude.

Anonymous said:
What do u think of dating apps.. Like tinder etc

I’ve never used one, they cracked at a time when I wouldn’t be using one. But my friends say it’s real fun/ convenient when you want to find someone to have sex with. I like hearing about my homeboy’s Tinderellas.

Anonymous said:
wait! are you still in ny?

I reside in New York, yes.

Ondine for Galore.

Ondine for Galore.