Anonymous said:
I'm still rockin' your first shirt with your friend flashing her breasts in that tunnel. It's also a great convo piece. "What is that...?" "A girl flashing in a tunnel." So good.

Awwwww das my favorite. I lost mine. 😓 Thanks for the support. XX

jhaynesworthphotos said:
What do you like to do when you have free time?

Tea, read, write, walk, Pilates, nap.

Anonymous said:
Lived on the east coast my whole life, been a bunch of places, drove solo from southeast to LA--to live. How do I meet people, where do I go, and is it weird to go to bars in LA alone (total d8 bait, right?) Adventurous for sure, but LA intimidates me. Need to figure this shit out fast before I go insane. Help.

Wait what is d8 bait? Is that a bad thing? When I moved here I didn’t instantly click with many people, but they just kinda came naturally through people I already liked and a lot through work. When I went out intentionally trying to be social and meet people it was weird and I went home and watched Netflix in bed. I don’t drink or “party” so sometimes it feels even harder to meet people, and the bar scenario isn’t really a thing for me. I’d suggest doing what you normally do and you’re bound to find people you have things in common with that don’t suck.

Anonymous said:
any advice on the best way to get into the photography business? what was your first camera?

I didn’t mean to get into it and I find a lot of people I know didn’t mean to either. It was more a matter of figuring out what I like to do with my time. I started with a Canon Rebel.